Sunday, 15 May 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses Vs Usual Lipglasses


I am doing a Wonder Woman Lipglass and usual lipglass comparison, as not much has been written (and photographed) about the differences between the two, and there are a lot of differences! . Firstly, I can not believe how huge these Wonder Woman glosses are! They are twice the size of the normal lipglasses since these contain 10.5g, whereas the usual lipglasses only contain 4.8g!! But that isn't the only difference, in my picture look at the size of the lid/handle and doe foot applicator! Everything about the Wonder Woman glosses is twice as big! . The Wonder Woman glosses also work out as better value, as the sad act I am I did the maths. The usual glosses work out at £2.60 per gram, however the wonder woman glosses work out at £1.62 per gram! nearly £1 difference per gram is a pretty big difference! Sorry, I don't know the price difference in other countries! . The pigmentation of the Wonder Woman glosses is fantastic! They're very vibrant, lovely and shimmery and they aren't too sticky, and they cover the lips in colour. I'd say Emancipation is the least pigmented, but since it is a lighter and more nude colour then the others it is understandable. . The down side; . The Wonder Woman gloss applicator is quite annoying, it's too big to use properly as you can't apply very accurately and precisely due to the huge doe foot, but also the big chunky handle makes it a little awkward to work with. So yes, the big chunky look is cute, I love that the lipglasses are jumbo, however practically this isn't very useful! . Another down side is the packaging, most people seem to hate it, and I must say I am not particularly fond... unless it is housing a big mac and fries!! Why, oh, why couldn't Wonder Woman be pictured on it like she is on the cardboard boxes, rather than boring yellow writing!? . What are your thoughts on the glosses? Do you think MAC should bring out some more jumbo glosses?

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