Monday, 16 May 2011

How many eyeshadow palettes are too many!?

my eyeshadow palettes

Picture above is my own, and yes they are the majority of my eyeshadow palettes. Now, the reason I am making this post is because the other day I was sorting out my make up organisation, and I then realised how many I had!! I don't think I had seen it grow when I buy the odd palette here and there, but seeing them all together made me realise that I probably have too many, but how much is too many? . I have 6 Urban Decay palettes, 5 Too Faced palettes, 7 Sleek palettes, 3 full MAC Pro Palettes, 6 MAC Limited Edition Mini palettes/quads/trios, 1 Front Cover mahoooooosive palette! .

I mean why do I need all this? I have used them all, and I find them all useful, but I have issues deciding what to use anyway, so having so much doesn't help my decision making. What's worse is that this doesn't even include my single shadows :S How much eyeshadow do I need exactly?

I do love them though, and when I consider which ones I can get rid of to make my collection a little smaller, I find it too hard to let go of any of them, I guess it is kind of sad to get attached to them! . Watching Youtube guru's show off their collection it doesn't actually look like a lot, and I doubt I'd ever get to that stage since I doubt I could afford a collection like that! But I have only been buying palettes since 2008, so it has grown so rapidly, what will it look like in a few more years, yikes :s .

Do you think this is too many? How many do you have? Are you a make-upaholic too?

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