Monday, 16 May 2011

Topshop Nail Varnishes, First Impressions

topshop nail varnishes

I am always a sceptic when shops bring out cosmetics, as I have had bad experiences with quality in the past. So when I picked these up, I wasn't expecting much.
I am so impressed! The pigmentation is fantastic, the texture is quite thick though. It covers quite well with one coat, but 2 makes it really even and gives the best colour pay off. I am a Topshop nail varnish convert!
The colours that come in this set are; Airplane (blue), Paint It On (hot pink/fuschia), Mannequin (beige/nude), Cloud (grey). The bottles are a little mini, and they worked out at £3.75 each, which is a little steep considering it is a new brand, and similar brands like accessorize (new shop brands) are bigger and cheaper but still work well. This set was £15 which is a little steep for my liking.
The brushes with these are really small and chunky, but it is still easy to apply the polish with them, as you get quite good control, but with the polish being quite thick and less of a surface area for the polish to go on, I found a lot of product ends up on the nails. I did get less mess around the nail though.
I will review each polish separately, in the next couple of days, but I just wanted to give an overall view of them.

topshop nail varnishes 2

topshop nail varnish brush

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