Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sleek iDivine Primer Palette

Sleek Primer PaletteSleek Primer Palette

I was a sceptic of this product. I had heard so many raves about it, but so many primers just don't work for me as I have oily lids. Urban Decay Primer Potion doesn't work for me, neither does Too Faced Shadow Insurance as the eyeshadow would always end up slipping into my crease, and the only thing that worked was a MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre as it is matte, but I find that can take the shine out of some shadows. So you can see why I was a sceptic of this product. Important word in that sentence is WAS. I absolutely love this product! . This is easy to apply and get even. It sets really quickly on the lids and it doesn't compramise the colour of the shadow, it actually makes the colour really pop! I was actually speechless when I first applied eyeshadow on top of it, as it made the colour so vibrant and pigmented! . In terms of staying power, it's OK. I mean I have had a little patchiness occur after a fair few hours, but to be fair not that much and not obviously so, and for the amount of time it's stuck around I really can't complain! The eyeshadow is still on my eyelids and hasn't slid off into my crease like it does with the aforementioned (and more expensive) primers. The bases themselves are pretty pigmented, so I guess if you wanted to use them without a shadow on top you could. . In terms of price, this is £6.99, and you get 12 different coloured bases, that is really great value, especially considering the quality. The sheet on top of the eyeshadows that have the names on are mixed up, it has the name "peach" over the green, and a fair few other funny mix ups, but the product itself is good, so that doesn't really matter, who needs to know the names anyway :]

Sleek Primer Palette swatch

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