Monday, 16 May 2011

My MAC Quite Cute Items; Overall Thoughts

quite cute collection

In my photo I have all the products I bought, I have Ice Cream Cake, Mischievous Mint & Little Girl Type on my nails, I have Bubble Tea on my lips, and I am holding Miss Behave Mineralize Blush! I will be reviewing them individually. . I am pleased with the items I decided on, they are definitely the right choices for my skin tone. I might regret not buying the Koi lipstick, but I was thinking of buying Hue from the permanent line instead. I am also very glad I didn't get the eyeshadow quad, as it was the most expensive item, and when I swatched it at the weekend the colours were really sheer and not great quality, which is a shame as the colours are so nice! I am just glad I didn't order it :] . So what did you guys get? And are you pleased with your decisions? :]

mac quite cute collection

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