Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Topshop Airplane Nail Varnish

topshop airplane nail varnish 1

This is a beautiful colour, if not a little dupable. It applied very pigmented, but the formula is a little thick, so less is more. I'd say this is a 2 coater.
In terms of drying time I'd say this was pretty average, didn't take too long, but wasn't the quickest. The finish is super pigmented, even and glossy, even without a top coat it has a high shine finish.
I found the price middle of the road, was dearer then I expected for a shop brand, however worked well for the price. A lovely cream royal blue.
The brush is small and very easy to use to get a precise application, though it does put a load of product on your nails that longer brushes normally don't.
Overall, I think a worthwhile purchase if you like what you see.

topshop airplane nail varnish 2

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