Sunday, 15 May 2011

Laura's Look book! Hello Kitty Too Dolly

helly kitty too dolly

This look is totally crazy! All of the colours are so bright and mad that it won't always produce wearable looks, as the colours contrast each other rather then blend and compliment, but I've had so much fun using it! . Yogurt is a super pigmented light colour, I used this on the inner corner and tear duct. As a matte I thought I wouldn't like it, but it was easy to use though it wasn't allthat easy to blend. . Romping is a gorgeous hot pink shade, which is super pigmented and very easy to work with. It is a frost but it doesn't look too frosted. I used this on the lid. . Too Dolly is a gorgeous blue shade. It is super pigmented like Romping and it as easy to use. I used this as a liner for my lower lash line, as I thought it would be too much to put it on my lid as well as the pink. . Stately Black I found wasn't that pigmented and the glitter really didn't show through. I found I had to really layer it to get the black to show up. Once I got it to show up it made a cool crease colour. Though I found over the pink it transformed the black into more of a purple shade, which I quite like! . Overall, it is a fun quad with fun shades, however they aren't the easiest shades to work with. This certainly wasn't one of my best looks, and I think it is because Stately black was so difficult to work with.

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