Monday, 16 May 2011

Laura's look book! Front Cover Blue

blue front cover

Ok, so I just did a review on the Front Cover palette, and I found a couple of looks I did using it, hidden in the depths of my computer! I apologise for the blurry photo, but the camera obviously wouldn't focus, and I don't blame it, this look is not that nice. . Products used; . I only used products from this set, Inc. the applicators instead of brushes! Cerulean, True Blue, Riviera, Shadowline Liquid. . I used Cerulean on the lid, I found I had to layer this as the pigmentation and coverage wasn't too great, I had to use it wet. It is very shimmery and from what I remember I did get fall out. True blue was used it the crease, though it doesn't show up very well. And I used Riviera with the Shadowline liquid to do the liner. I found the liner is good to get a precise line, but I had to really layer it on to get the colour to show up! . Overall, it isn't blended well (thank-you rubbish applicator), it isn't all that pigmented, though in the blurry pic it looks a little less sub par then it did in real life! There is a lot of fall out around it, and overall I just don't think the product was quality enough to create a good look. It was a bit of a nightmare to use and a nightmare result!

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