Reviews and all mentioned in this blog is based on my opinion.

I am not here to endorse or advertise any companies or products that I talk about.

Nor am I here to discourage people from brands or harm any company's reputation in any way. I am merely a customer sharing my thoughts.

I do accept complimentary products, however this will not affect my views and reviews on it. I will review honestly whether I buy the product myself, or whether I am given it.

Looks I do are created by myself, unless stated that they are inspired by someone else, where I will give a link to that individual. I credit people, so please credit me where applicable.

Please do not take my images. They are pictures of my products taken with my camera, edited by me on my software. It is very disrespectful to take without credit and to pass things off as your own. I naturally take it very personally, it's just the way I am. People have been scammed by others stealing my images and using them in online auctions and Facebook shops claiming they have these products. I do not have a Facebook shop, so if you see my images on listings it is a scammer, do not buy from them!! This is why I have had to start watermarking, because some people out there are really low.