Important News

09/08/11 - I do not have a Facebook shop!!

It has been pointed out to me that some individual has been stealing my images, and has been using them to "sell" these items on Facebook.

No, this is not me, I never sell on Facebook.

No, this individual is not selling that item, as that is my item and my picture. This individual is a scammer who will either take your money and run, or send you a fake! Either way they are bad news!

If you see my images used for fraudulent sales on Facebook PLEASE report them! Noone should be scammed and treated like that, I don't know how these scammers sleep at night!

To try and avoid this happening again in the future you may notice that I have been watermarking my posts.

09/08/11 - Stay safe fellow Brits!

Currently our UK is in turmoil, and is not so united. Thugs who have nothing better to do then destroy people's lives are running riot with no consequences. They are so short sighted and deindividuated that they do not see the barbaric nature of their actions. Today, I saw a clip of a man who was beaten up, have these rioting individuals steal from his back pack while he stood their bleeding, and left him there to suffer after they had stolen all he had. It was after this that I lost a lot of faith in humanity and the new generation, and the country's system. Most hardworking individuals would. As if our economy wasn't fragile enough, they decide to destroy that as well, so many livelihoods lost, and architecture destroyed. Who will be the ones to pick up all the pieces and foot the bill? It certainly won't be the culprits.

I wish all you good people the best, and hope everyone manages to stay safe and away from the violence and madness that our country has become. Stay safe and hope the riots, looting and arsen end soon, so the victims can all start to rebuild their lives and so we can get our country back on track.