Get To Know Me!

Just incase you wondered who the heck I am, I have written a bio (I hope this doesn't end up sounding like a dating website bio!)....

I am Laura, female (hopefully that's obvious :S), 

I'm a Cancerian (just incase you were interested!)

I am 23 years old, however look about 18 years old, which I find so annoying at times because people treat me younger than I am! One day I will probably be thankful I have a baby face, but right now it's so annoying!

I'm half English, Quarter Lowland Scottish & Quarter Hebredian, so in general half Scottish!

I'm obsessed with beauty, in particular eye make up and nails. You will see many an eye look and nail look appearing on my blog. I also do lip looks, but not as often. I am very new to nail art, so seem to be on a nail art kick at the moment in the hope I start making more professional looks.

I tend to collect make up and nail varnishes. My collection is now freakin' huge! I prefer to collect limited edition Chanel Le Vernis though, and in terms of make up MAC & Urban Decay. I love my limited edition! 

I love reviewing products, I wouldn't class myself as opinionated at all, however I like to talk about products both good and bad in the hope the information is useful to at least one person!

I also love fashion. Clothes, shoes, handbags, I love it all!

I adore cute things, such as baby animals and japanese Kawaii characters such as Hello Kitty, Tare Panda, Chococat and possibly my favourite is Pochacco! Anything cute I will love!

I have 2 bunnies, Autumn & Dougal, who are mini lion lops (American Fuzzies), I love them they are so cute, but very cheeky and naughty at times. Autumn can be well behaved, but Dougal is very naughty all the time!!

I'm hoping to go back to uni for some more postgrad, I'm a trainee psychotherapist in the hope that I will one day become accredited.

And that's about it! Any questions? Feel free to ask! All your questions will help me to build up an FAQ :]