Monday, 16 May 2011

Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush

sigma tapered blending

This is another brush from my Luuux Sigma set! . I normally use a MAC 217 as it is good at blending, and fits in my crease well. . This brush is bigger and very soft and flexible. It was so easy to blend with this, and it did it so well, very little effort was needed to get this to do the job. This can be used for crease, or blending highlight as it can do bigger areas due to being a bigger brush. . I found it a little big for my crease (which is very small anyway) or blending on the lid, it splayed out onto my brow bone as well, but this doesn't affect the job it does, it just hits a wider area. For smaller areas that need blending maybe a 217 would be more suitable as it is smaller and can fit in those smaller spaces without splaying out, but the E40 is still good for most of the blending jobs. . Overall this blends very well, is very soft and a lovely brush, but it is quite big for people like me who don't have a smaller lid and crease area. I definitely will use this as my go to blending brush though, I was super impressed, I wish they did a smaller version though!

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