Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Nails Inc for InStyle "Candy Orange"

Nails Inc for InStyle Candy Orange

As I said in my review for "Electric Teal", after the disaster I had with the limited edition Coke varnish (here is the post I did on that; Nails Inc Packaging Disaster!), I was a little dubious about buying this, but I gave it a chance since I don't have much orange in my collection.
It came free in InStyle magazine, which is £3.70, which is good considering the varnishes are worth £11. There were 3 colours available, the teal I have already reviewed, this one and a beige-y colour, which I didn't get.
This is a bright orange shade which is a little eye-catching, but there are plenty of dupes about. It is very pigmented and thick in texture, however I found it very hard to get even coverage, it came up very streaky, so it took about 3 coats to get it even. It goes on very glossy and dries pretty quickly considering the layers I put on to get it even. Overall, a little less pleasant then the teal to work with since it involves more work to get it right.
And as I also said in my last review, I hate the Nails Inc big lid as I find it harder to get precise lines, I like a lot of control over the brush due to my shaky hands, so this lid did not really assist me that well in terms of controlling the application.

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