Sunday, 15 May 2011

Eyeko Nail Varnishes!

eyeko nail varnishes

I have wanted to try these for a while, I have heard so many good things about them, so when they did a 3 for 2 offer, it was just too much temptation to resist. I just received my Eyeko order today! Because of the offer I got £36 worth of nail varnish for £24, and shipping was free. It was the perfect offer to get me started with my collection! . The shades I got are; Cosmic - Black with multi-coloured glitter. Nude - pinky peach. Petite - French nail pink. Chi Chi - Glitter packed medium pink. Punk - Neon pink. Rain - Grey-blue. Pastel - Light blue with light blue shimmer. Vintage - Jade green. Lilac - well Lilac lol! . I was supposed to get a free lip balm with my order as I not only spent over £15 but I entered the code at checkout, but they never sent it to me! :[ Not too impressed by their customer service so far since they still have the product I was supposed to get free stocked in their shop, so they have stock, so they just didn't send me one!! I'm still waiting on customer services to get back to me about it. . Anywho, here is an overall review of the nail varnishes on general appearance, I will be doing a review on each product once I try them out! . These varnishes are so unique in colour, I don't have anything like them in my collection. I guess Petite is like China Glaze Innocent except it is a little lighter and more natural, so better for a French Manicure. Some of the varnishes are plain colour/cream, others have shimmer or glitter. . In terms of packaging, they have very simple small bottles with a cute sticker label on. Some of the labels have cute little images on, Chi Chi has a little poodle and cupcake on, which is my favourite packaging! . In terms of value, they are very small bottles (8.5 ml) for £4, but they are lovely shades, and they do offers on them every so often so you can get bargains. . I can't wait to try these and review them for you, fingers crossed they're fabulous!

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