Monday, 16 May 2011

MAC Quite Cute Ice Cream Cake Nail Lacquer

Quite Cute ice cream cake 2

This is a blue based pink, which is quite dupable, but nonetheless really pretty. This is a cream texture. Normally I don't like MAC creams (I'm looking at you Seasonal Peach), but recently they have been pretty good! This does need about 3 coats to make it even and to get rid of the streaks, but it dries so quickly that it isn't really that much of an issue. . It is also lovely and glossy, but be careful as I found it could go a little lumpy as it is thick in consistency, so scrape the excess off before you apply it to the nails! . As I have mentioned before, it is quick drying, which is always a bonus as I am so darn impatient! And it is quick to remove as well, it doesn't dye the skin surrounding the nail and because it has no shimmer it comes off the nail effortlessly, even though you have a few layers of it on, which is always good. . Overall, a good value and an OK quality varnish that is a beautiful pastel pink for spring.

Quite Cute ice cream cake

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