Monday, 16 May 2011

Sigma F30 Powder Brush

sigma f30 powder brush

I love this brush, it is definitely a must have for me now! I use it to set my concealer, and sometimes use it to apply green powder on my cheeks to tone down my redness. I have had no problems with this brush whatsoever! . With other brushes and kabuki's I have had problems where it would put too much product on, or wouldn't blend it in that well so it would sit on top and look chalky,especially since I have dry skin. However with this brush it applies the product sheerly as it distributes it rather than just dumping it, and it doesn't pick up too much, it blends it in so well. I have had no caking or chalkiness using this brush even though I'm using the same products as the other brushes. . I am so impressed with the finish this provides! It is so easy to use, and it does the job it is supposed to! It has a chunky handle which makes handling and control easy, and it has dense but soft bristles. I have had some minimal shedding, but considering they're new it's not been so bad.

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