Sunday, 15 May 2011

Eyeko Punk Nail Varnish


This I love and hate. It is a lovely neon pink nail varnish, certainly girly and eye-catching, and the pigmentation is great, one coat would do, 2 coats would make it perfect! It also dries really quickly. However to me it has a couple of problems; . The nail varnish got air bubbles, no idea why, it just went lumpy after it dried. It may be my application, however the others turned out fine (apart from Pastel, which I will review after this), so I'm not sure if it's just the formula. . Also, since it is such a dupable colour (Barry M, Urban Decay, for just 2 examples) is this worth the price? Well not really, I'd go for Barry M's hot pink over this one, more product for a cheaper price, especially since this one bubbled on me :/

punk 3

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