Sunday, 15 May 2011

Eyeko Petite Nail Varnish


This is a very light pink for french nails. I really like this product! it is a million times better than Sally Hansen's, and it is a little more natural and less baby pink than Innocent by China Glaze. . It took about 3 coats to get is even and none streaky, which wasn't necessarily a problem as it dries pretty quick. But, if you do french nails a lot then this bottle will run out in no time due to the multiple layers needed, and the tidgy bottle. . I did have one nail chip the very next day, but I was doing a couple of fiddly things, and none of the other nails chipped and I haven't experienced it since. So although it chipped early on, I don't think the varnish is prone to it. . This colour is glossy, quick drying and natural, I would definitely recommend it so far!

petite 2

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