Monday, 16 May 2011

Nails Inc Packaging Disaster!

broken nails inc

So, for an expensive brand, this was pretty disappointing. . I found this today (pictured above), my Coke limited edition Nails Inc varnish smashed, and the contents went all over my other bottles! I only noticed when I lifted out a bottle and pink varnish dripped off it onto my carpet and my hands! And then I saw shattered glass and my nail varnishes swimming in pink varnish! . To be honest I am not sure how it would have smashed since all I do is open and close the drawer it's in, so another bottle clinking against it must have broken it! That is pretty poor considering China Glaze which is a cheaper brand has never smashed on me. This was a freebie, however surely they are all the same bottles, freebie or not? . I never liked the chunky lid as it is more difficult to apply, so now this is a deal breaker for me, I won't buy more of these polishes if they break so easily, and not just break, it shattered into pieces! . Has anyone else had this problem?

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