Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Dotting Tool Set

dotting tools nail art

I had been wanting to get a dotting tool for a while, however I found the one's at Sally's a little expensive for what they were. I then saw on a couple of nail blogs that they used this set that they got off eBay. So I went to scout some out, and couldn't believe the price, £1.68 shipped for 5 tools!
Each tool has a big ball bearing on one end and a smaller ball bearing on the other. The sizing is different for each tool, so no doubt whatever size dot you want this will most likely cater for it.
In terms of quality, both the plastic and metal components are very sturdy and solid. The design is also quite pretty, it is nice each one has a different colour swirl in the middle, so you can get used to knowing what colour works best for certain looks and to distinguish between tools more easily, but also it is just nice they look pretty too. For the price they are very good quality, as to be honest I wasn't expecting them to be all that great quality-wise!
They do the job, and they do it well for an affordable price that everyone can manage.

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