Monday, 16 May 2011

Sigma E05 Eyeliner Brush

sigma eyeliner e05

I got this in the set I ordered from Luuux! I tend to wear eyeliner daily so it is important I have a good brush. . I tend to use a MAC 209 normally as it is very fine and so gives a smaller line, but if you want to build the line up it takes a while. . This brush is good for chunkier lines as it is thicker, but it is also pointed so it can be used for flicks. I find this isn't as good for lining the inner corner as it is a little too thick and I like my lines to be finer on the inner corner, but it is so easy to get a lovely chunky line with this brush! You can use the pointed tip to do finer lines as the brush is very firm due to being so dense, which is definitely a benefit when trying to do straight lines, but it isn't so firm that it jabs or hurts the skin. . Overall, great for chunky lines, can do flicks, but it isn't the best brush for fine lines. I think this is a really good quality brush.

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