Wednesday, 18 May 2011

MAC Surf Baby Ocean Dip

ocean dip

This is a gorgeous nail varnish! It is a teal colour, which I have lots of eyeshadows this colour, but not really many nail varnishes, so I definitely had to add this to my collection.
After the great formula from the Wonder Woman Nail varnishes, I am pretty disappointed with this formula! It is so thick, but goes on uneven and streaky, so it is a nightmare at times to work with. It is pigmented, but due to it being uneven, I needed 3 coats. I'd also advise you shake the bottle before application or it is a little watery (at least my bottle was!)
Because you need to apply so much and because it is quite thick it takes a while to dry, which is infuriating as I am impatient. I kept smudging it :[
The colour is gorgeous and it is a lovely glossy colour, however the formula has taken a step back considering the Wonder Woman and Quite Cute ones. I like the packaging, but that doesn't make up for the annoying formula! I love the colour so much I would deal with the hassle of application.

ocean dip mac

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