Monday, 16 May 2011

An Update; TheBalm TimeBalm Concealer

timebalm 3

Last year I wrote a post about The balm Time balm Concealer; And here is my follow up post to that. At first this worked so well for my under eye circles, so much more than Bobbi Brown. However, now after a while of using it, it's unbearable! It is the Bobbi Brown incident all over again, it started going chalky and settled into my fine lines and looked so obvious, and I hate it when it looks like you are obviously wearing make up. I don't know why it seems to have changed. I am so sad that concealers seem to go rubbish on me after a few months! I used eye creams over night, before use and after use, and it still went dry and chalky! . It started to work OK if I used ELF Corrective Concealer (the pink one), however putting concealer on top of that completely washed me out and made my under eyes look too light and colourless. So even though the concealer worked with the Elf product and didn't dry my skin out, it looked bad. . I had this recommended to me by a few people, and i'm not sure why they raved about it, maybe they hadn't used it that much, and it started off well, but this just does not end well at all. Reading Temptalia's recent hit list on concealers it is rated pretty badly by a lot of people. . Oh well, the search for my HG concealer continues! Any recommendations? :S


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