Monday, 16 May 2011

Laura's look book! Simple Aqua

aqua eye look

I did this look using my new Sigma brushes! This is a pretty bold but simple eye look, a little 70s due to the thick eyeliner. . Products used; . MAC Aquadisiac, Clinique cream liner. . I used the E55 to apply the eyeshadow to the lid, I used the E40 to blend the eyeshadow into the crease so it faded outwards, and I used the E05 for the eyeliner, which is probably why the lines are so big and bold as I wasn't used to the brush, so I wasn't as precise with it. This look made my eyes look very blue and very big due to the eyeliner, I really so like this look, and it didn't take to long at all! So easy anyone can do it!

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