Monday, 16 May 2011

My First Accessorize Eyeshadows!

accessorize eyeshadows

This is my first Accessorize cosmetics purchase! It was a gift set on sale from Christmas, they were trying to get rid of them so reduced them to £1.99 for a x3 set! The set only retailed at £4.99, and individually they retail at £4 though are sometimes on offers for £2! This makes them cheaper then Bourjois, and after testing them out, they are so much better! . Normally when shops do make up, like Topshop, M&S etc, it never turns out that well. Normally pigmentation is poor, the quality is sub par, and the selection isn't that great. So I was not expecting much from this new Accessorize line. I was mistaken, the pigmentation is really good, the quality is high end, and the prices really aren't all that shabby! I am pretty impressed. . My Mum swears by the nail varnishes, and I am very impressed with the eyeshadows and their cute packaging, also their colour selection! . I will be reviewing each eyeshadow individually, and I will include swatches!

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