Monday, 16 May 2011


hue lipstick

I saw this in store last weekend and fell in love after swatching it on my hand. It is a pinky beige nude. It looked quite warm on my hand and went on so smooth and glossy. So naturally I bought it. . I must admit I am so disappointed with this lippy. . Firstly, the formula; It goes on really patchy, I moisturised my lips thinking it was maybe my lips fault, but nope, even after moisturising them it still went patchy. After seeing it all patchy I tried to apply more to even it out, but that just went all wrong and sticky. It didn't glide on as easily and as glossy as it did on my hand. . Secondly, the colour; In terms of colour, it goes on a lot more light and nude on the lips then it does on the hand, it really washes the colour from your lips, it isn't as bright and warm pinky beige. This really does not suit light skin tones like mine. . Super sad about how this appears on the lips! Too light for my skin tone and patchy, if only it went on my lips the same as it did my hand. This lippy is going to take a lot of work. This will also suit more tanned and darker skin tones so much more, whereas lighter skin tones it just washes out. However with the summer coming up and the tan being more inevitable, maybe it is one to work with :]

hue 2

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