Sunday, 15 May 2011

Laura's Look book! Wonder Woman Defiance

Wonder Woman Defiance look

This look seriously only took me about 3 minutes! The colours were so easy to work with and blended really well. I feel it turned out quite well, considering my amateur skills! . The first colour is Defiance, it is very much like Seedy Pearl as it is a whitish pink with pink iridescence. This is a veluxe pearl, and I found it was pigmented and easy to work with. This is really pretty. I put this on the inner corner and tear duct. . The second colour is Paradise Island. This colour is the let down of the palette. It isn't very pigmented at all. It is a satin, which isn't one of my favourite finishes anyway, but this one is particularly bad. All I could do with it was use it blend Definace and the next colour together, as placing it on top of both softened the transition as it wasn't pigmented enough to be on it's own on the lid! . The third colour is Star Studded. Although this is a satin as well, the finish is so much better and so much more pigmented than Paradise Island. I used this on the main part of the lid blended into Defiance with paradise Island used on top to soften the blending. This really made the eyelid look girly with a pop of beautiful pink! . The final colour, Real Drama, is like a maroon/brown-pink. This was super pigmented and deep in colour so it was great as a crease colour! It was pretty easy to work with for a satin, so I was pretty impressed with this shadow. . Overall I love this quad, and I love the looks you can do with it! The colours are pretty damn good, and easier to work with then valience. The let down was Paradise island, however it still came in useful. This is a super girly look, and I will be using this quite a lot!

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