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Front Cover Rainbow Eyes 'Reborn' Palette

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I can't believe I forgot to review this sooner! I got it at Christmas. Anyway, better late than never, right?

I heard about this from "musings of a muse" blog (who is a lovely beauty guru online), and she noted how Front Cover was great and they had brought out the "Rainbow Eyes Palette" again. Now apparently, the rainbow eyes palette was really popular, but like Urban Decay, they discontinue palettes. However they had not only re-released this palette but they had added "reborn" onto the name, as apparently the formulations of the shadows and the applicators are better. I hadn't heard about Front Cover before, and didn't know of their quality, so I took her word for it and my parents bought this for me for Christmas. It was sold out online really quickly, but luckily Boots in Chester had it in stock. Before Christmas I was itching to test it out, and so when Christmas came I delved right in to do some looks.... I can't say my expectations of this palette were met.

The colours are very hit and miss, some are OK in pigmentation, some are just so weak. I love the idea that the majority are baked, but this makes some of them a little powdery. There are also normal shadows which are also a little hit and miss. I think I do actually prefer the baked as you also get more product. The colour selection is also really good, there is a really nice mix of colours and some really lovely shades.

There is an eyeliner which is a liquid that transforms the eyeshadow into a liquid liner, which they call a "shadowline liquid", and it's pretty much like Liquif-eye by Too Faced. I found that this worked on some shadows, but others were just too weak in pigmentation to be transformed into a liner. I did actually have more success with this transformer than I did with Too Faced Liquif-eye! But It was still hard going and needed plenty of layering to get the liner pigmented enough.

The applicators to me were pretty much useless, it didn't apply that well at all, so I dread to think what they were improved from, if these are the improved versions. They shedded and just didn't have a good density to them (not like my Sigma brushes I hope to get soon, that I just ordered from Luuux, whoop whoop!) You couldn't do great looks with these applicators, there is just no way to blend.

On the cover it says "make up artist included", and all this is are hints and tips written inside the box and on the back of the box, however the looks they describe are pretty simple, which probably suggests that this palette is best for beginners. However to me it seems a little dear to be a beginner palette.

The packaging is big and bulky so it isn't great for travel, or make up on the go. But it is hard wearing and strong, so it will protect the shadows well. The images on the cover are done digitally, they are not a representation of the make up and their pigmentation, as they use the same images, but the colours of the eyeshadow on the image are just changed, so don't be fooled and think that is usage of the product and how they turn out, as it isn't, it's all computer work, and I think it's a little wrong, it should show usage of the products!

In terms of price this was quite dear. This was £30. On first glance you seem to get a lot of product for your money, however the quality overall just isn't worth the money, especially considering the Urban Decay Box of Shadows are released around that price and their shadows are insanely good quality, as are the liners and primer potion that comes included! So if you are a first time make up user, with £30 to spend, buy an Urban Decay Palette, and watch youtube gurus as really the hints in this set, and the products aren't really worth the price! I guess it is worth a try if you have the £30 lying around, but you won't be overwhelmed by the quality, though it may come in useful.

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