Monday, 16 May 2011

Accessorize Soft Pink Eyeshadow

accessorize soft pink eyeshadow 3

This shade is, in the pan, a light pink, however on the skin it looks more silver with a hint of pink. It is still a gorgeous colour, and still quite nude. It is super frosted hence the colour transformation from pan to lid. This was applied without a base, and it went on super pigmented and soft, so even though it is a light colour, the pay off is still really good. . This is another icon colour, but I am not sure what the difference between the colour types are. . The packaging is cute, the amount you get is great, it is a little clumpy due to the glitter, however overall you can't knock this product for the cheap price!

accessorize soft pink eyeshadow 2

accessorize soft pink eyeshadow

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