Sunday, 15 May 2011

Laura's Look book! Wonder Woman Valient

Wonder Woman Valiant look

This was hot and miss for me! I have already reviewed this product, however I noticed some more things when doing this look, as I find when doing a look you tend to see the colour's performance better when blending and using with other colours, rather than just working with each colour individually (which is what I did for my first review.) . So here is my look and more in depth review!! . The first colour Manila Paper is gorgeously pigmented and shimmery, and applies really well. It really is a gorgeous shadow, which is a white shade, and I wish they did this in the permanent line as a single! I put this in the inner corner and tear duct. . The second colour is Valiant, which is a frost, is also very beautiful shade, which is a yellowy lime colour, and has glitter through it. However it does need a few applications to build up the colour. I put this on the left half of the lid. . The third colour is Diana Undercover. This is a satin however to me it was more like a matte. I found it very pigmented, but with this look it it was so difficult to blend and apply. This is a very deep green forest colour, and would have been good as a crease colour, but I found it a little difficult to work with, and with it being so dark it was hard to hide the errors. I blended this into the next colour. . The last colour is Spinning Transformation, which is a brown shade. This is another frost, and I found like Valiant it needed multiple applications to build up the colours, but that being said, it was easier to blend than Undercover Diana. I blended this with Undercover Diana and brought it up into the crease. . This is isn't one of my best eye looks, and I found the last 2 colours a little more difficult to work with, however I still really like this look and the colour combination!

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