Sunday, 15 May 2011

Elf Corrective Concealer

corrective concealer
I love this palette! It is now a necessity for me. I use the pink most as I get really bad bags under my eyes, and this conceals them better then most concealers do! I have really dry skin and often find that things tend to go chalky under my eyes, however this doesn't, it blends really well and there is no dryness or settling into lines at all! This works wonders on my under eye bags, itreally does help in camouflaging the darkness. It doesn't get rid of it completely however it minimises them more then concealer does. Sometimes I don't even use concealer on top of this as it makes me look too gaunt, the corrective concealer blends in well enough and looks natural enough on my skin to use alone. I have used the green on my cheeks, and I found it ok, however I don't find the effects as great as the pink. But I prefer this green to powder, as it looks less dry on my already dry skin! The concealers with this are far too dark for me, and so half of the palette is rendered useless. I do think that they should do separate concealer palettes, and should have had a blue and a yellow cream concealer on the corrective palette instead, like they do on the powder version, so it doesn't make sense why they didn't do it that way! For the price (£3 I think) it is a really good deal! I wish they did the pink separate though as I am going through that quicker!

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