Sunday, 15 May 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection; Overall Thoughts

My MAC Wonder Woman CollectionMy MAC Wonder Woman Collection

I have been looking forward to this collection for a long time. I was a massive fan of Wonder Woman as a child, so this was speaking out to the child in me, and naturally the child in me wanted it all and wanted it now!


1) The size of the items - The lipglasses are jumbo as are the blushes and MSFs, and I love the amount of product you get! I love how the products look giant in comparison to permanent line items and items from past collections!

2) The colour selection - There are some gorgeous bright colours in this collection, really bright and eye-catching and feminine! However there is also a nude option in terms of lips, which I think is nice as colour-wise it covers a lot of bases.

3) Pigmentation of lipglasses - The lipglasses are so vibrant and strong in colour, they aren't sticky or gloopy, they're unique and have gorgeous shimmer to them.

4) Outer packaging - The outer packaging is gorgeous, it has comic book style illustrations relating to Wonder Woman's antics and relating it to make-up (saving MAC girls from becoming plain Jane's). There are bold colours, lovely gold detail, and it is such a lovely touch and makes sense for a collection based on a comic. HOWEVER, why are the actual plastic containers not like this??

And so we move on to the dislikes section of my review;

1) Product packaging - This has been described as "McDonalds" packaging, and it is not hard to see why. All I like is the gold detailing around the edges, other then that it is boring and plain red and blue plastic! Oh, the disappointment I felt to see such an awesome cardboard box with cute illustrations, to then open it up and find a red and blue lump of plastic with writing on it... oh, how sad! It had such potential, and they could have made it lovely, they could have had comic illustrations on it, but no! This was a bigger let down then the disney packaging (how much better would it have been with the sketched images on the packaging?!) The only pro I have about the packaging is that all items, even the nail varnishes and pigments have the limited edition packaging... no matter how naff it is!

2) Eyeshadow pigmentation - A lot of the eyeshadows aren't as pigmented as I think they ought to be. Sure it is good value to get 4 colours for less then the price of 3, however some colours are let downs and I found that in each quad there was at least 1 disappointing colour.

3) Cost - The items in this collection are really quite expensive, yes some of the items are jumbo in comparison so you get more product, but I am sure a lot of people in this economic climate would prefer the usual sized product at a cheaper price, so then some people aren't excluded so much from this collection due to just having a certain amount of pocket money etc. However even the lipsticks and pigments are dearer and they contain the same amount of product as the normal line!

4) Lipglass applicators - The lipglasses are jumbo so naturally the applicator ended up jumbo too. This doesn't make application all that easy, but also the big handle/lid doesn't help.

5) Permanent line items - For such a highly anticipated collection I think it all should be limited edition, or repromotes, but I don't think Russian Red and Deep Truth should have been in the collection. If you are going to do such a high profile collection I think all the items should be unique to that collection, though I think repromotes are OK as I missed Marquise D' first time round, so was glad they brought it back!

Hopefully I have covered everything, no doubt when I publish this I will remember something I left out! Hopefully I have the main points listed, though :] I still have to review the Spirit of Truth to write up, and swatch photos to take, so that will hopefully be with you shortly!

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