Saturday, 7 May 2011

Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster

Dior skinflash radiance booster pen 02 candlelight

This is hit and miss for me. I find it does highlight, brighten the under eye area, and adds concealing effects when placed over a concealer, however it does not last long if powder is not placed on top, and it most certainly is not good on it's own as a concealer. So really it is a flash and expensive under eye highlighter! The smell is lovely, and the consistency of the product is nice. The packaging looks high end and sleek, however you cannot see how much product is left, and I am not keen on the whole twist and click system to get the product out. The brush will also not be all that hygienic since old product and skin cells with remain on the brush since you can't really wash it without fear of watering down the product. All things considered I do not feel it is worth the extortionate price, seeing all the drawbacks of the product. For reference, I am NW15 (MAC) and in this I am 02 Candlelight.

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