Saturday, 7 May 2011

Aromaleigh True Color mineral green concealer

Aromaleigh green pure cover concealer No 9

The product came with a sifter, but it is easier to use without. It comes in quite a small pot, but it is packed full of product and you need to use so little that it will last for ages! I have a problem with redness due to bad circulation and a heart condition. This has always affected my confidence and so I have been looking for something that worked for me. I have been to the Benefit counter and they tried out their "You're bluffing" anti-redness products on my cheeks, however it made me look red and jaundiced! Yellow obviously was not the way to go to cover my redness. So when I came across this inexpensive green concealer I was dubious, but thought it was worth a shot since yellow obviously wouldn't work for me! All I can say is that this product worked wonders for me. Applying a light dusting over my cheeks really neutralised the redness, however it could get cakey if applied too much. This can be used with foundation or concealer as it just blends in to the colour of your skin tone or the product. Unfortunately, the company is closing down, so I will have to try ELFs.

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