Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Urban Decay Afterglow Blush "Quickie"

urban decay after glow blusher

This is a gorgeous blush. I am very hit and miss with blush, I find I can be allergic to them (especially Laura Geller ones), however this one feels soft on my skin and produces no reaction. This is a lovely light pink, especially since I am light skinned it is good that it goes on light and is buildable for those with darker skin tones. It really is a lovely colour, it gives a fresh rosy look without being too bright. The packaging is small and good for travel as it is sturdy and good quality, and it also has a mirror which could come in handy. It is a very simple design in silver, but it is still very cute. Price-wise this was very reasonable at £13! It is the cheapest high end quality blush you can get in my opinion and this is definitely one of the best colours, though they don't have a huge colour selection. Worth every penny!

urban decay quickie afterglow blusher

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