Saturday, 7 May 2011

Revlon Liquid Lacquer Lipgloss in Sparkling Wine

Revlon Liquid Lacquer lipgloss Sparkling Wine

This is super glossy and very pigmented! It is a lovely deep red shade, however it doesn't go on as dark as it appears in the tube, but it is a lovely and flattering colour nonetheless. It doesn't have an odour which is always a bonus (I hate bad smelling gloss!), however it doesn't have a huge staying power. The packaging is well made and doesn't look too bad, it's actually quite nice with the shiny lettering. This isn't a good gloss for everyday use since the colour is so deep, rich and bright, however it is nice when you want bold lips! You wouldn't even need a lipstick with this as it is so pigmented and covers the lips evenly and thickly, however it isn't overly sticky or gloopy. This is a good gloss, however I think it may be discontinued now :[

Revlon Liquid Lacquer Lipgloss Sparkling Wine

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