Sunday, 15 May 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Pink Power

MAC Wonder Woman Pink Power MSF

Grab it if you can, it's selling out everywhere! This is the lighter more pink based MSF (mineralize skin finish). I love this for a few reasons; I love the peachy pink colours of this MSF, so it is no surprise to me that this is the more popular one that is selling out. There is a shimmery light pink, a more matte pinky bronzed colour & a more shimmery peachy pink. This pretty much has you covered in terms of blush, bronze & highlight, this one compact is all you need. The colours are pigmented/buildable. I am not a fan of the glitterball face, however this appears more shimmery/dewy then glittery, so I have really become a fan of this. Not only is the colour selection great, but the application is smooth, which is perfect for someone like me who has dry skin and sometimes has trouble with powders. The fact it is shimmery/dewy rather then glittery also helps dry skin look better. I guess the fact it is mineral based also helps with skin. The mix of textures is nice, the shimmer, the more glittery section and the matte bronzed part, there is something for everyone. I am not normally a fan of mattes, but this matte is smooth and very workable, so I don't mind this one at all! This would be good for any skin tone, however if you are light skinned this is definitely the one to go for, I'd avoid Golden Lauriet in favour for this. Darker skin tones would suit either this however you could also go for Golden Lauriet, I'd say Pink Power is more versatile.

MAC Wonder Woman Pink Power MSF

MAC Wonder Woman Pink Power MSF swatch

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