Sunday, 15 May 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Defiance Quad

MAC Wonder Woman Defiance Eyeshadow Quad

This is the girly pink quad from the Wonder Woman Collection. The colours are; Defiance - This is a light whitey pink with pink iridescence. It reminds me of a more smooth and easier to apply seedy pearl. I love this colour a lot, I will definitely be using this. (I couldn't quite photograph it accurately, it's nicer irl then it pictures!) However, it isn't as soft and as easy to apply as other Veluxe Pearls, that is the only real drawback. Paradise Island - This is described as a soft pink, which is about right, it is a very light baby pink. It isn't overwhelmingly pigmented, but it is buildable and smooth. There is no shimmer in this colour, it is quite matte. It is still pretty easy to work with, and it is nice for a more subtle colour. Star Studded - This is described by MAC as a violent pink, and I'd agree. This has a shimmer through it and is a super pigmented purpley pink. I Love this colour, it is so Barbie! it is the most eye catching colour in the quad. Real Drama - This is supposed to be a burgundy with pink shimmer, however to me it looks more brown with glitter. It is very pigmented, and it is red tinged however not really burgundy. It is soft to apply, and easy to work with, however there isn't really too much to say about it!

MAC Wonder Woman Defiance Swatch

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