Saturday, 7 May 2011

MAC Love That Look Style Snob Eyeshadow

MAC Love That Look Collection Style Snob

The finish of this eyeshadow is a "starflash" which was a limited edition texture. It isn't as pigmented as a veluxe pearl finish, however it is just as soft. It goes on the lid a whole lot lighter then it appears in the pan. Instead of a medium brown it goes on more taupe. This is a neutral shadow with a bit of glitz. It doesn't show up very much on my lid, so it could only really be used as a neutral eye look, however the bit of glitter in it adds a little shimmer to otherwise a very simple neutral shade. I don't normally like glittery shades, however this is doesn't have all that much fall out and the glitter isn't overbearing. Overall it is subtle, not tremendously pigmented, but has a little bit of a glitz to make it different.

mac love that look style snob

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