Sunday, 15 May 2011

GHD IV Salon Styler">

My camera is charging so couldn't get my own pic :[ . These straighteners are an absolute God send, I actually would have crap hair if these did not exist! . I have frizzy and curly/wavy hair that is very long and thick, and the normal stylers just didn't do the job and it took me forever. So when I saw these bigger plated straighteners specially made for thick or afro hair, I knew these would be so much better, and they really are! The big panels get more hair, and straighten larger sections so it doesn't take as long. They don't take too long to heat, they automatically switch off if you forget, and it has a super long cable, which is always useful!! They are expensive, and that is a downer, but I'd rather invest in a good pair that you know will work and will last ages rather then having to keep buying cheaper pairs that may not work as well and may not last as long! I have had my pair for 3 years now and they're the same as when I first got them! . The final result? Smooth, straight and shiny hair in no time. It has never been so easy to look fabulous! I actually couldn't believe how well these worked when I first got them, and I certainly couldn't live without them now!

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