Saturday, 7 May 2011

Elf Make Up Brushes

elf brushes

I have a small selection of both professional and studio brushes, and although for the price they are all good value, however there are differences between the brushes. The professional brushes are I think £1.50, which is amazing value, they are the ones with the white iridescent handles in the picture above, they also have mahogany bristles for the most part. There is a good selection of useful brushes. However, where I find the quality isn't so great is that the professional brushes tend to shed, the total face brush is awful for shedding, which is a shame as the brush is so handy! There is an okay dupe for the MAC 224 which is the second one up from the bottom in the picture, and this one doesn't shed too much. The concealer brush is also too small to do it's job all that well. But they are the cheapest brushes around, and so for the price they are better then what could be expected. The studio brushes are around £3.50 and the quality is miles apart from the professional brushes, they are superb quality for the price. I have had no shedding issues with these brushes and the powder brush is the best brush I have found to apply foundation with, it buffs it all in really well. All in all, they are all good value, but I would advise the studio brushes over the professional brushes as even though they are a little dearer they are very good quality and still cheaper then ecotools and other brands.

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