Saturday, 7 May 2011

Chanel Le Vernis Vendetta

Chanel Vendetta Le Vernis

As pretty much always, my swatch is messy, so again I apologise, but I did this in a rush before work. This goes on a lot differently then it appears in the bottle. It isn't as shimmery and it is a lot darker purple. It can appear black in dim light and it also isn't as glittery on the nail as it appears in the bottle. This reminds me of a dark blackcurrant colour. It is very thick in texture so you could get away with one coat, however for it to be more even and long lasting I would say do two, it dries so quickly anyway that it isn't too time consuming to use two. It is super glossy and the formula is very colour pigmented. It is a very unusual colour and it's a good quality product, however it does not come out onto the nails as it appears in the bottle. Oh and an additional note, this is part of the permanent line, it is not limited edition.

Chanel vendetta

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