Sunday, 15 May 2011

Batiste Dry Shampoo

batiste dry shampoo

This is a life saver! I get greasy hair really quickly, but my hair gets dry and if I wash it every day. I started using this after a hair dresser recommended it, and it really works, it refreshes my hair and gets rid of all the grease. It has a lemony fragrance to it, however there are a range of different fragrances such as floral or coconut etc. The downside with this product is the white powder it leaves in you hair. It works best if you have a hairdryer and blow the residue out, however there have been times where I haven't had a hair dryer and so it takes ages to brush or massage it out of the roots. However, I still depend on this product a lot, and the pros far outweigh the con! This is also a fairly decent price too, I always make sure I have a can around, I also have a travel size can for my bag!

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