Sunday, 15 May 2011

Urban Decay 50th Anniversary 24/7 Liners

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeliner Set

Happy 15th Anniversary Urban Decay! This set includes 15 eyeliners (6 limited edition), and a pencil sharpener in a cute big box with see a through front and magnetic closure. As soon as I saw this on Temptalia I knew I had to have it! I am an eyeliner fiend and I am a massive fan of the 24/7 eyeliners. They are soft, buttery, pigmented and they stick around for a fair while! This is really good value, a set worth £150 for £60! I also got £5 using points off my Debenhams Beauty Club card, score!! This set does have a lot of browns which is a shame in terms of colour selection, however there are really gorgeous colours. I think 6 of these colours are exclusive to this set and are not sold separately. Some are more shimmery then others, and some were so soft that they were a bit crumbly, which I didn't like that much as although it is easy to apply it means you end up applying far too much and some of it breaks off which seems such a waste. They are all super pigmented! I thought zero was a deep black, until I saw perversion, coly cow is it black (it is the one in the middle of the swatch). If you like smoky eyes and blacker then black eye make up then you will LOVE perversion! A drawback is that the box absolutely stinks, not metaphorically as it is totally awesome, but literally, mine smelt like a garden centre or plant food or something, and it is a very strong smell, and it stinks out my room every time I open it. The box is pretty, it is such a shame it pongs! Overall, value for money, good quality eyeliners, lovely colours and a must have for any Urban Decay or eyeliner fan! Get it while you can it won't be around forever!

Urban Decay 50th Anniversary 24/7 liners

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