Sunday, 15 May 2011

Tresemme Waterless Shampoo

waterless shampoo

This is a foam that acts like a dry shampoo except it is supposed to wash, clean and de-frizz hair. Did it work? No! This made my hair super greasy and my hair was just as frizzy. I had to use the Tresemme dry shampoo to de-grease my hair and restore it to normal, and luckily the dry shampoo wonders. The smell is similar to the dry shampoo, however the perfomance is far behind! This seems to me like it is more like a gimmick then an actual useful product, however it proved to me how good the dry shampoo was in comparison, seeing as the waterless foam created such a greasy mess and the dry shampoo sorted it out no problem. I would advise the dry shampoo over this product, it just doesn't work, it de-freshes rather then refreshes. Maybe it would work on normal or dry hair, but certainly not hair that can go greasy.

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