Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sleek iDivine Palette "Bad Girl"

Sleek Limited Edition Bad Girl Palette

This is an awesome palette, filled with different shades and textures that compliment each other, and give good variety. In some of the colours I noticed they weren't as buttery and soft as in the original palette and storm palette, and some aren't as pigmented or as easy to apply, but for the price this is still very good quality. They are blendable and buildable, and there are even some more everyday wearable colours too. This palette came with a transparent sheet with shadow names on it, which i think is the first palette by sleek to have this, I quite like this touch as it also means the shadows won't dirty up the mirror as much. This is a limited edition palette and I'd say it is worth the £6 odd it costs to buy it. Grab it if you can!! :D

Sleek Bad Girl Palette

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