Saturday, 7 May 2011

MAC Rebel Lipstick

MAC Rebel

This is an ultimate fall colour, for sure! This is such an unusual lipstick and is not something I would normally pick out because it is so dark, however I gave my Mum the opportunity to choose what I got for my Back2Mac since I couldn't decide. When she brought me this I thought "NOOOOOO! What have you done!?" but actually this lipstick appears scarier then it is. I really like this. MAC describe it as a pink-ish purple, however I would say it was more red then pink. Worn to it's optimum colour it is a purpley maroon, absolutely perfect for fall and very unique. Worn lightly it is a light purpley red/pink. I have provided pictures of both the light and dark way of wearing this lipstick above! In terms of texture, it is a satin and I really like it, none drying, soft but not so soft it goes patchy or settles in lines, and the staying power is brilliant, it lasts on the lips a very long time. The colour of this is very buildable, so it is versatile for different looks since you can lighten or darken the colour. Purple phobes may be weary of this one, but I'd say to people who would avoid this to give it a shot, because I wouldn't have even touched this lippy, but now I actually love it, it is so different from my other lipsticks.

More product;
mac rebel dark

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mac rebel light

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