Saturday, 7 May 2011

MAC Nail Trend F/W '10

MAC Nail Trend F/W '10

Today I got 3 of my faves from the Nail Trend collection, it's a lovely selection this year.

The ethos of this collection as stated on the MAC website; "Mistress of the art of the sophisticated nail, Jin Soon was inspired this season by the sensual pleasures of Imperial China. A collection of hues in exotic and ravishing combinations, opaque and rich with pearl essences for a subtle dimension." The colours really are unique and beautiful, however Rain of Flowers (described as as a blackened violet) appears more a black with a blue tinge when bright lights hit it, however it can just look black, and Jade Dragon (described as just an Emerald Green) appears more blackened then vibrant. Concubine is a lovely red, but I already have something similar, so for now I have skipped those colours. The other colours I couldn't miss out on.

Earthly Harmony - MAC describes this as a muted taupe with sophisticated copper shimmer. It is definitely a taupe, it even looks a little Greige. The shimmer really compliments the colour of the varnish. Overall this is possibly my favourite from the collection, it is a really unique colour especially for autumn. This is also the varnish used on the promo image, and it was the first one to sell out on the MAC UK website.

Ming Blue - MAC describes this as a cobalt blue, and I'd say that was a pretty accurate description. This is a very bright, and rich deep blue, it also appears to have some shimmer in it.

Imperial Flower - MAC describes this as a bright reddish orange with gold. I'd say this is more of a bright orange with shimmer. It is a really beautiful colour, however quite bright for a fall/winter collection, but I suppose it could brighten you up on the cold dull days :]

I will review and provide swatches for each varnish as I wear them. So what varnishes did you buy from the collection? Which are your favourites, and what do you think of the collection? :]

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