Saturday, 7 May 2011

MAC Nail Trend F/W '10 Earthly Harmony

MAC Nail Trend F/W '10 Earthly Harmony

I have provided two pictures of this nail varnish & swatches, and this is because in sunlight it looks a completely different colour then artificial light. This colour can appear a lot more greyish/greige in darker light (the second pic done with a flash), then in sunlight where it looks more light brown. Either way the beautiful copper shimmer shines through, and it compliments the lacquer colour a lot. It reminds me of a lighter and more shimmery Chanel Particuli√®re, and that is one of my favourite nail colours, so this was bound to be a hit with me! It may also explain why this colour was the first colour to sell out on the MAC UK website, it's just damn gorgeous! And at £8.50 cheaper then it's less shimmery Chanel cousin I reckon it is hands down a good investment! When applying the varnish I found it was more cream in texture then frost, as it was quite thick and wasn't as quick as frosts in drying, however on the nail it isn't as soft as a cream would be, but it still has the shine. It's limited edition for the Nail Trend F/W 10 trend collection, so get it while you can :]

Natural light;
mac nail trend 10 earthly harmony natural light

mac nail trend 10 earthly harmony flash

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