Sunday, 15 May 2011

China Glaze Anchors Away "Sea Spray"

China Glaze Sea Spray

This is also from the Anchors Away Collection. This is a lovely unique shade. It is a shimmery greyish powder blue, quite similar to Pelican Grey, however more of a blue tinge to it (see comparison pic I have provided below, sea spray is the top finger pelican grey is the bottom finger). This was super thick in consistency and did make a fair bit of mess, hence the messy swatch, but I have found all of this collection are very thick minus the glitters. This meant the drying time isn't the quickest, but I wasn't there forever waiting for it to dry, but it isn't as quick as most of my China Glaze. The shimmer in this is like a lighter silvery colour, maybe it is a lighter blue, I don't know it is difficult to tell! This is one of the must haves from the collection, and I'd definitely recommend it!

China Glaze Sea Spray

Sea Spray on top finger (index), Pelican Grey on bottom finger (thumb)
pelican grey v sea spray

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